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E-M:/ US House Passes Renewable Energy, Consumer Savings Incentives

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   Sierra Club Cheers House Passage of Renewable Energy, Consumer Energy
                            Savings Incentives
               Quick Senate Action Urged to Avoid Slowdown,
                  Job Losses in Renewable Energy Industry

Washington, D.C.--Today by a margin of 236-182, the House of
Representatives passed an $18 billion package of incentives for the
production of clean, renewable energy; credits for the purchase of hybrid
cars; and energy efficient homes, buildings, and appliances.  The bill
renews crucial renewable energy incentives that are in danger of expiring
at the end of this year.  The bill will create tens of thousands of new
clean energy jobs, stimulate the economy with billions in new investments,
and bring affordable clean energy to American consumers.  The bill avoids
new deficit by repealing taxpayer-funded giveaways to Big Oil.

          Statement of Carl Pope, Sierra Club Executive Director

"The House acted today to make us more energy independent, create thousands
of new clean energy jobs, stimulate the economy, increase the production of
affordable clean energy, and attack our growing energy crisis head-on.
Speaker Pelosi and our leaders in Congress have made this issue a top
priority and they are to be congratulated for the progress they have made
toward helping us realize the promise offered by a clean energy economy.

"Consumers are begging for relief and this bill offers some mercy from
crippling energy costs.  It will save American families money on their
energy bills and help make energy efficient appliances, hybrid cars, and
efficient homes more affordable for all consumers.  This is good for the
economy, good for the environment, and is essential now more than ever.

"We urge the Senate to take up and pass this measure without delay.  We
have labored for nearly a year to get this vital legislation passed and
will now redouble our efforts to secure the votes necessary to move it
through the Senate and on to the President's desk.  In addition to our
efforts on Capitol Hill, we have launched a grassroots campaign and will
soon begin a series of advertisements in key states across the country.

"Failing to extend these incentives soon will endanger billions of dollars
in investments and put more than 100,000 hardworking Americans out of a job
in the wind and solar industries alone.  Make no mistake--a vote against
this bill is a vote to kill jobs and stunt economic growth.

"With oil trading at a startling $102, gas prices charging toward a new
record, and ExxonMobil raking in a record $40 billion in profits last year,
it is unconscionable that any Member would side with Big Oil instead of
their constituents.  Our energy system is badly broken and this bill takes
some long overdue steps toward fixing it."

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