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E-M:/ MidlandCARES Open House 3-5-08

Locals Citizens Put on their Own Open House
As Public Opposition Mounts, Local Group Promotes Seeing Both Sides of Coal Issue
Midland, MI:  LS Power/Dynegy is holding an Open House on March 5th to show their plans for a new pulverized coal plant in Midland.  Worried that rather than getting full information, Midlanders will instead be getting a sales pitch from two multibillion dollar corporations, a group of concerned local citizens are providing an additional opportunity to address the questions and concerns of those who attend. 
What: Alternative Energy Open House
Where: Valley Plaza, Great Room D, 5221 Bay City Road, Midland
When: March 5th 5pm – 9pm
The event will be free and open to the public to investigate both sides of the coal issue.  Informed Midland citizens will be available to answer questions and discuss the issue.  Literature and handouts will be provided.  Video and powerpoint presentations will be ongoing throughout the event, and questions will be answered about public health, the economics of coal, Climate change, and energy alternatives.
The group has very serious concerns about the sustainability of coal as an energy source, the effects of coal burning plants on health, Global Climate, and the long term economic future of the region and state.
 America has turned a corner, and the end of the fossil fuel age is upon us.  The alternatives are here, now, and the opportunities are exciting for communities that seize them” stated Suzette Zelenak, co-founder of MidlandCARES.  “As America moves towards a New Energy Future and communities across our nation reject these dirty coal proposals, why is Midland considering a 50-year commitment to 19th Century technology?  This will threaten our health, environment and economic future. ”
This event is just one more sign of the growing opposition to the proposed coal plant and follows a national trend in which communities, states, and the nation are turning away from dirty coal.  In just the year 2007, 59 coal plant proposals were rejected or cancelled.
Last spring New Jersey-based LS Power and Texas-based Dynegy announced their plans to build a new pulverized coal plant with a price tag that has now risen above 1.9 Billion dollars.  During the past year, a number of local citizens and groups have begun to question the need for the new plant, and ask what its impacts on the community will be.  They have been unsatisfied with the answers that these coal giants have been providing.  Commenting on the side-by-side events, Zelenak stated that “in the marketplace of ideas, this is one stop shopping”.

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