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E-M:/ State Sued for Warren Dunes and Warren Woods State Parks

It sure is curious that there is no reporting yet on the State of Michigan being sued by the heirs of E. K. Warren over the control and tenure of Warren Woods and Warren Dunes State Parks. I have copies of the lawsuit documents if anyone would like to see them. A hearing is set for March 10 in Berrien County court in St. Joseph.

It's particularly ironic that the case will be heard by Judge Lynda Tolen, the same judge who ruled on the Jean Klock Park Consent Judgment in 2004, allowing a 27-luxury home development going into this public park, so that the rest of the park would be protected forever.

And.... it will be argued by the same assistant attorney general for the State who allowed that private development, and the Consent Judgment, to stand despite it going against the Klock Deed, and despite the Klock heirs writing to the State to intervene on behalf of protecting the park.

Warren Dunes, Warren Woods, and Jean Klock Park were all purchased for preservation by E. K. Warren who, like the Klocks and many others, not only sought to protect dunes and Lake Michigan lakefront for the public to enjoy... but did so by direct action by purchasing the land to save these special places, setting them as parks many years ago, so that private interests would not ever be able to do what they--together with Granholm-- are shamelessly, outrageously trying to do now to Jean Klock.

Does Granholm and her administration not see the irony and discrimination involved in agressively pursuing the destruction of Jean Klock Park, while out of the other side of the State's mouth, standing up for what Mr. Warren intended to preserve Warren Dunes and Warren Woods?

LuAnne Kozma
Defense of Place

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