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E-M:/ RE: / CAFO waste flowing in the rain

Quick follow up on this -- to be clear, DEQ staff are working very hard to try to end this cycle of pollution, but it has been increasingly clear that they are hamstrung by limited authority and lack of funding.  The DEQ staff are to be commended for responding quickly and with whatever tools they have when this kind of environmental calamity is underway!


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There are some stories that just seem to not get much better, despite huge efforts and expenditures by DEQ and citizens in the area.  In south central Michigan, again, snow covered fields were spread with CAFO wastes in the last few weeks, including a lot of activity over this last weekend despite predictions that the weather would be doing exactly what it is doing--- melting and raining.


Go to the Environmentally Concerned Citizens of South Central Michigan website: www.nocafos.org/news.htm for the recent updates and pictures.  Today’s update is below:

March 3 - rain started late morning. Almost immediately, Hartland Farms manure was discharging to Bear Creek from Hughes Hwy application last week, Bakerlads manure was discharging to South Branch of the River Raisin from Cadmus & Morey application yesterday, road is flooded, and Bakerlads are still spreading, in the rain.



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