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E-M:/ !!!Richard Heinberg, Stephanie Mills, and Julian Darley!!!

Enviro-Mich message from Aaron Wissner <aaronwissner@yahoo.com>

Great news! I'm very pleased and excited to announce that this week we confirmed the professional speakers and authors Richard Heinberg, Stephanie Mills, and Julian Darley!!!

These three, in addition to the already stellar cadre of Dr. David Goodstein, Megan Quinn Bachman, and Pat Murphy, set the stage for a groundbreaking event!


All six featured speakers are TOP NOTCH and take "The International Conference on Peak Oil and Climate Change: Paths to Sustainability" to an higher level of excellence!

In addition, we've published the first conference poster, which you may print, post, and distribute! Its professional layout looks great in either color OR in black & white! Just click the poster image to start the download!


Finally, our professionally written press release, which officially announces the conference to the public, is just about complete! Look for an advanced copy on Monday!!!

Aaron Wissner

Local Future Network

Value System: Gas Prices, Money, Peak Oil and The Future

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