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What is it that causes environmental groups to find themselves working against one another?  What is the secret underlying element that binds them all?

Kurt Cobb, publisher of Resource Insights, travels to Middleville to deliver a live multimedia talk of his groundbreaking presentation “What Every Environmentalist Should Know (but probably doesn’t).

Cobb is a freelance writer who speaks and writes frequently on energy and the environment.  He is a columnist for the Paris-based science news site Scitizen and his work has also been featured on Energy Bulletin, 321energy, Le Monde Diplomatique, EV World, The Wall Street Journal Online and many other sites.

"The environmental movement is so splintered because most in it don't understand what trouble we are in," said Cobb.  "Neither do they understand the connections between the various environmental problems."

The Local Future sponsored event begins at 7 p.m. on Tuesday, March 18 at the Thornapple Township Hall on Main Street in Middleville.

This is one of the "Sustainability Series" which continues on Tuesdays.  On March 25, a DVD presentation of Michael Shuman explores ways to improve the local economy despite inflation and rising gas prices.  On April 1, a DVD presentation of professor and environmental writer David Orr looks into climate change, peak oil, and the future.  These two events will be held at the Thornapple Township Emergency Services Building at 128 High Street in Middleville.

Sustainability Series events are free and open to the public.  RSVP's are appreciated but not required to organizer Aaron Wissner at aaron@localfuture.org


ABOUT Aaron Wissner –Wissner became aware of the issue of peak oil and oil depletion after doing Internet research to determine the ultimate cause of rising gasoline prices in 2005.  Since then, he has spent hundreds of hours researching peak oil, attending national conferences, publishing online articles and videos, and has formed Local Future to lead a campaign to educate the public on peak oil and paths to sustainability.  He was recently featured on the front page of the Wall Street Journal regarding his peak oil education efforts.  Wissner is an educator with sixteen years experience in Michigan public schools.  Website:  ValueSystem.LiveJournal.com

ABOUT Local Future – Local Future is a new nonprofit organization dedicated to educating the public to important issues such as peak oil and sustainability.  Local Future is organizing “The International Conference on Peak Oil and Climate Change: Paths to Sustainability” at Grand Rapids Calvin College for May 30 to June 1, 2008.  Local Future’s charter group in Middleville, Michigan hosts free monthly events on sustainability topics, as well as a weekly sustainability talks.  Local Future plans to use the experience from the pilot group in order to start successful groups around the area, and eventually, around the world.  Website:  LocalFuture.org

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