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E-M:/ Second Call for Participants: Environmental (In)Justice: Sources, Symptoms, and Solutions | 11-24 April 2008 (fwd)

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Date: Fri, 14 Mar 2008 14:58:43 -0400
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Subject: Second Call for Participants: Environmental (In)Justice:
     Symptoms, and Solutions | 11-24 April 2008

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Environmental (In)Justice: Sources, Symptoms, and Solutions

EcoRes Forum Online E-Conference Series | 11-24 April 2008



As experts call for swift action in response to accelerating climate
change, the words "global warming" have become commonplace. Headlines
and commentators tout the latest technological developments, politicians
focus on greening their platforms, and concerned citizens in MDCs check
their house insurance and consider relocating to higher ground.
Adaptation is underway.

But what about those who can't make that choice? Those forced to cope
with changes they can least afford, changes to which they contributed
little? As the data continues to pour in, UNFCCC Executive Secretary Yvo
de Boer's warning is being confirmed - over and over again: "The most
vulnerable communities in the poorest countries, those who have
contributed nothing to climate change, will be the worst affected by its

You are invited to join the EcoRes Forum from 11-24 April 2008 for
"Environmental (In)Justice: Sources, Symptoms, and Solutions", the
second in a series of online dialogues focusing on the ethical,
political and socio-cultural aspects of climate change. The purpose of
this discussion is to raise awareness about environmental and climate
justice themes: what these concepts encompass, underlying causes and
symptoms of injustice, how these may be rectified, and related aspects
ranging from national immigration policy and international contraction
and convergence proposals to xenophobia and racism.


NEW ONLINE PLATFORM!! EcoRes is pleased to introduce its new web-based
e-conference structure, which replaces a previous email-based platform.
Sneak preview: http://www.eco-res.org/forum

Julian AGYEMAN, PhD (Tufts University); Gotelind ALBER (gendercc);
Jeremy BENDIK-KEYMER, PhD (American University of Sharjah); Patrick
BOND, PhD (University of KwaZulu-Natal); Robert BULLARD, PhD (Clark
Atlanta University); Michael DORSEY, PhD (Dartmouth College); Roger
GOTTLIEB, PhD (Worcester Polytechnic Institute); Dr. Minu HEMMATI
(gendercc); KALIKASAN - People's Network for the Environment; Joan
MENCHER, PhD (The Second Chance Foundation); Dr. Chukwumerije OKEREKE
(University of East Anglia); Dr. Ulrike ROEHR (gendercc); Steve SAWYER
(Secretary General, Global Wind Energy Council); Shirley THOMPSON, PhD
(University of Manitoba). Additional members are being announced
throughout March.

FACILITATORS: Wendy Lynne LEE (Bloomsburg University), Mary LEYSER
(EcoRes Forum)

PLENARY AGENDA: http://www.eco-res.org/econf_ej/ej_agenda.html

LOCATION: Virtual / online

COST: Free of charge

REGISTRATION: http://www.eco-res.org/register.html

BREAKOUT SESSIONS: Proposals for discussions on related subjects may be
submitted to forum@eco-res.org. Selected sessions will be provided with
a stand-alone webpage (template:
http://www.eco-res.org/econf_ej/ej_breakout_template.html), with limited
server space provided for presentation materials. Deadline for
proposals: 24 March 2008.


The EcoRes Forum e-conference series brings together academics and
activists, scientists and social critics, researchers, journalists,
community leaders and members from around the world. By crossing
cultural, disciplinary and geopolitical borders and removing the
financial and logistical barriers to participation often encountered by
those whom climate change threatens most, EcoRes continues to encourage
wide-ranging stakeholder participation.

For more information or to register for the April event, visit the
EcoRes Forum at http://www.eco-res.org.

We look forward to sharing this discussion with you!

The EcoRes Forum Team

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