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Re: E-M:/ Expansion of Metro Airport Nightmare

In a message dated 3/20/2008 8:46:43 AM Eastern Daylight Time, mary.lafrance@comcast.net writes:
Folks, this is today at 1:30 if anyone can make it. The expansion will take out 3 square miles of family farms residential areas, and natural areas, shut down a major surface road (Middlebelt) and displace thousands of people
The decision has already been made to put in the new runway, even though the area behind the subdivisions near Pennsylvania Road and Merriman Roads is classified as wetlands.  They would not allow the owner of that property to build on it, for that reason.  Somehow that rule does not apply to Metro Airport.
The new runway is unnecessary, a waste of taxpayer money, and a violation to the community, including individuals and businesses that have been there for over 100 years. 
Detroit metro has six parallel runways, two of them are cross wind and are used only in emergency, or bad weather.  Four of the parallel runways allow simultaneous operations.  In 2007 DTW had just under 465,000 operations.  Comparatively, in 2007, Chicago 'O Hare KORD had 950,000 operations.  This is more than 2x what Metro had, and they only have two parallel runways that allow for simultaneous operations, with a total of six runways.  Las Vegas KLAS only has two parallel runways that allow for simultaneous landings, with a total of four runways. In 2007 they had 620000 operations.  That's 220,000 more than Metro.  LAX Los Angeles looks almost exactly like Metro Detroit, with four parallel runways, and no cross wind runways, and they had 657,000 operations in 2007.  They handled 257,000 more operation with two less total runways than Metro currently has.
Minneapolis, Newark KVTA and Washington Dulles KIAD airports have traffic with operation figures similar to Metro, and each only has two parallel runways. DTW currently has double that amount.
The plans to turn Willow Run YIP into detroits freight airway, and use DTW for passengers has all but disappeared.  Only the sign has changed.  There are no plans for expansion of Willow Run to accommodate freight traffic anymore.
Funny how when the city of Canton was threatened with this same thing, the citizens got their attorneys involved and poof, it went away. This meetings for Romulans are for pacification, sadly.  I guess Blocks Greenhouse and Produce Market (a historical 100 year old business at the corner of Middlebelt and Eureka Road) family farms, and Romulus schools arent don't make quite the same impression as an individual armed with an attorny.
Its a shame they don't get the governor involved.  No one is talking about the business' that are going to be lost as a result of this expansion. How Michigan can hardly afford to lose business now?
This expansion is only so that Michigan can claim an airport with more parallel runways than any other in the Midwest.  The reality is, even if we had the largest most updated state of the art airport in the United States, who's going to come here anyway?  If you had to choose a vacation spot, or a company network meeting spot, would you choose this area?  The Hyatt in Dearborn and the Ritz are both struggling because of the lack of business, and yet we continue building hotels, and now expanding the airport?  Where is the common sense?
But....thanks for posting this, its nice to keep trying.

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