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E-M:/ algae - lyngbya wollei

This is a tough resilient form of algae that is benthic - grows in the sediments - unlike other algaes that float.  In Florida and North Carolina often it is physically excavated and removed - this is the first massive outbreak in the Great Lakes that I know of.  It is the size of a house in places.
While this new form of algae is barely on the radar screen - it is growing and spreading like mad in far western Lake Erie and Maumee Bay.
Dredging Maumee Bay and spreading the sediments with the lyngbya in the open lake will spread it to Michigan and other shorelines quicker - OPEN LAKE DUMPING SHOULD NOT BE ALLOWED TO SPREAD THE LYNGBYA.
Here is an article about it:
Sandy Bihn
Western Lake Erie Waterkeeper

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