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E-M:/ Why I stay subscribed to Enviro-Mich

With your departure from Enviro-Mich I hope there will still be others at the Superior Watershed Partnership subscribed to this listserve.
Back in the day, as President/CEO of the Clinton River Watershed Council, I relied on Enviro-Mich as one of my many sources of Michigan environmental information and commentary.  I certainly didn't agree with all the commentary that I read, but I found it useful to have information about how some people felt about issues, especially those with a deep concern for environmental advocacy.
I led a transition of our organization to reach out beyond the Watershed Council's traditional membership of local governments to additionally embrace businesses and citizens.  We felt that all those within the Clinton River Watershed had to be cognizant of their ownership of the resource in order to maximize the river's benefit to all who worked, lived and played there - including the interests of the flora and fauna.  These various stakeholders have some resource interests in common (for example, flood control) but many other interests (wastewater disposal or trout fishing for example) were divergent.  Enviro-Mich provides a window on to how some feel about threats and opportunities that occur within a river basin.  I relied on different vehicles to obtain other views, the local chambers of commerce and Michigan Municipal League are two examples
It has been many years since I held that position.  Now I'm just an interested citizen.  I still find Enviro-Mich as a very useful tool to stay abreast of the issues and to gain information to act on those issues if I choose.
As with any listserve there are often a handful of folks who often post their same concerns, but with Enviro-Mich there are also many representatives of environmental organization which are sharing vitally important information (legislation, conferences, policy, volunteer opportunities as examples).  Information that often can not be found easily elsewhere.  With Enviro-Mich, this information is delivered directly to my mailbox.
So, if you are un-subscribing because you are leaving the Superior Watershed Partnership then I wish you the best of luck and encourage you to resubscribe with your personal email address.  If you are un-subscribing because some of the chatter on the listserve is annoying you, I ask that you try to ignore it and focus instead on the useful information that this powerful tool provides.
It took me awhile, but I finally have learned that I don't have to read every message that is delivered to me from the listserves to which I'm subscribed.
Wishing you good fortune in your next endeavor.
Erich Ditschman
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Please take me off of your e-mail list. Thanks.


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In a message dated 3/25/2008 9:30:25 PM Eastern Daylight Time, jacklanigan@comcast.net writes:

If you pump it into the ground, it is sure to float to the surface, pollute
our surface waters, and taint our crops.  Hardly.  Natural geologic
formations have trapped oil and gas reservoirs underground for millions of
years.  Natural brines occur under the entire state of Michigan , and they
have been exploited just as the petroleum deposits.  Brines are a source of
many dissolved minerals, and some brines are more "toxic" than the waste
streams considered for injection.  The brines are not migrating to the
surface.  Why would toxic waste float selectively and natural gas remain

A deep site injection well is not a natural geologic formation.  It is a man made well and is sure to have fault at some point down the road.  Just because some of the naturally occuring brines are more "toxic" than the waste streams, does not mean that deep site injection well is a safe or a smart idea.   If it is man made , it is sure to err at some point.   Thats a simple fact.  Even Mr. Gerrish has admits that lack of routine maintenance has caused error. It happened before, it will  happen again.


Having these wells in Michigan is not a good idea. No emotion, its just not common sense.  1/5 of the WORLDS available fresh water supply surrounds this state. Other states with water shortages have already requested the water here, and we should be protecting the land and water, and keeping it as clean and as valuable as possible.  This should not be limited to Michigan .  All of the Great Lakes states should be protected from such toxins.  Take the deep site injection wells to an area that is not surrounded by 1/5 of the fresh water that is available on planet earth.   Are you willing to risk


"Deep well injection of selected wastes in a viable, effective, and permanent
solution -- protective of the environment."


Nothing is permanent.


Ship the stuff out. Stop taking in trash from other states and Canada .  Can the CAFO's.  Keep Michigan clean.  We may really appreciate taking those steps during times when water is the new oil.


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