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E-M:/ Build your own solar panel

Saturday, April 26 – Renewable Energy Series: Solar Panel Workshop at Pierce Cedar Creek Institute

Bob Kildea will teach you how to build your own small photovoltaic system (solar panel).  All supplies for the system will be provided as part of the workshop.  The portable solar system that you will build can provide enough energy to power a small TV or computer, power tools, or many other appliances that use no more than 500 watts.


Pre-registration and payment are required.  The workshop is limited to 12 people.


Pierce Cedar Creek Institute is a non-profit environmental education center located in Hastings and is only a short drive from Lansing, Battle Creek, Kalamazoo, and Grand Rapid. For more information please visit www.cedarcreekinstitute.org


Time: 9 am – 1 pm

Cost:  $295 for the workshop and the 15-watt system

Phone: 269-721-4190



Matthew Dykstra

Education Director


Pierce Cedar Creek Institute

701 West Cloverdale Road

Hastings, MI  49508

(269) 721-4473

(269) 721-4474-fax