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E-M:/ SC Johnson to buy wind energy from Harvest Wind Farm

I don't recall seeing the following posted (if it has then I apologize for re-posting), so, I thought I would -  wwj has a few paragraphs describing the SC Johnson's plant in Bay City purchasing 46% of their energy from the Harvest Wind farm.
While I don't know all the details the article indicates that the plant is buying the output for 5 years - because wind energy does not need fuel they will possibly not see any rate increase during the this time frame.  So they get a fixed price, they know it's clean and they are supporting renewable energy development in Michigan. 
On top of this SC Johnson appears to publicly oppose coal development based on the last paragraph in the article -- "The Bay City wind power project follows SC Johnson's successful efforts to slash coal-fired energy dependence at the company's largest global manufacturing plant, Waxdale, in Racine, Wis."
It seems to me that if SC Johnson can economically obtain 46% of their Bay City Plant's energy from Michigan based wind today our proposed 10% and 25% RPS goals for 2015 and 2025 are too low.