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E-M:/ Ohio wants to keep open selling Great Lakes water

The new Ohio administration has been slow -dragging their feet - paying little attention to Great Lakes issues.  The statement today in the Toledo Blade by Lt. Governor Fisher should create a Great Lakes
basin outcry -
Today's Blade article should draw the ire from all around the lakes
Asking folks to:
Comment to Ohio Governor Strickland: http://www.governor.ohio.gov/Default.aspxtabid=111
Ask all Great Lakes elected officials to contact Strickland.  There need to be loud Great Lakes  voices saying no to selling Great Lakes water.  The fact that the Lt. Governor talked about the option of selling water should get a resounding response.
Sandy Bihn
Western Lake Erie Association/WATERKEEPER, Toledo Lighthouse Society President
Great Lakes Shallowest, Warmest, 'Fishiest' Waters

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