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From: John Beck [mailto:beckj@msu.edu]
Sent: Wednesday, April 02, 2008 11:39 PM
To: Link, Terry
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Hidden In the Fields and Factories:

The Human Cost of Everyday Low Prices at Wal-Mart



Come hear two workers tell their stories of toiling in Cambodia and Costa Rica to provide the goods and produce available at your local Wal-Mart –  and learn how you can make a difference!!



Tuesday, April 15


7:00 PM


105 S. Kedzie Hall




Speaker Biographies


From Costa Rica, Didier Leiton (41 years old) has worked for 17 years on pineapple and banana plantations and has worked for two years as a union organizer for SITRAP (Sindicato de Trabajadores Agrícolas y Plantaciones). He has been ‘black listed’ by the plantations for his activities with the union. Workers on the plantation are usually under 40 years old because of the hard physical labor required of them. He is responsible for organizing workers on pineapple and banana plantations that supply fruit to Wal-Mart stores.


From Cambodia, Phal Savin has sewed clothing for Wal-Mart and was recently fired for trying to form a union. She is vice president of the Coalition of Cambodia Apparel Worker Democratic Union (C.CAWDU) and has spent many years working in garment factories. She has witnessed the many abuses inflicted on workers by factory management. Phal has directly experienced cruel labor practices in which she has been forced to work long hours and has experienced the intimidation by management in response to her organizing activities. She and the other workers have focused on raising the wages at their factory and other factories that supply directly to such companies as Wal-Mart. Phal has 5 children.



This event is hosted by the Labor Education Program of Michigan State University’s School of Labor and Industrial Relations. Co-sponsors include Peace and Justice Studies, James Madison College, and the Center for Latin American and Caribbean Studies among others (A full list of sponsors is in development). For more information, contact John Beck at beckj@msu.edu or by phone at 517-432-3982.