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RE: E-M:/ Fisher 'misspoke' on water diversion

This is another example of how desparate some politicians are for public approval.  They'll say anything to an audience for a round of applause, forgetting for the moment where they come from and who they represent.  There's pro-war guy who goes around the world speaking to military audiences in aircraft hangers for the same reason.  Go figure.

From: HAMILTREEF@aol.com
Date: Wed, 2 Apr 2008 13:12:54 -0400
Subject: E-M:/ Fisher 'misspoke' on water diversion
To: enviro-mich@great-lakes.net

Fisher 'misspoke' on water diversion
Lt. governor says he backs sales ban
Lt. Gov. Lee Fisher yesterday said he misspoke when he said Great Lakes water might someday be sold to drought-stricken parts of the country.  The lieutenant governor surprised Lake Erie shoreline officials Monday by suggesting such sales may need to be contemplated as water shortages become more acute. His comments were made at an economic development summit in Oregon.
Yesterday, Mr. Fisher's comments and tone had changed in a statement he sent to Great Lakes supporters:
"I have always opposed, and our administration opposes, Great Lakes water diversion to other states."

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