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Re: E-M:/ Turbid waters....Lakes St. Clair and Western Lk Erie

Satellite photos show that the runoff to West Erie is as bad as ever.  The turbidity in West Erie is the worst in the Great Lakes.  Millions of dollars have been invested through the years in no till and other practices but the bottom line is the problem is as bad as ever.  It is time to look for new solutions because the waters of Lake Erie are asking for help.  Algae blooms are in the increase along with dead zones.  The new 'beast' of an algae - lyngbya is growing into mounds out in Maumee Bay and west Erie.  The waters need help they are not getting.  What are some new ideas?  Who will answer the call??
Sandy Bihn
Western Lake Erie Association/WATERKEEPER, Toledo Lighthouse Society President
Great Lakes Shallowest, Warmest, 'Fishiest' Waters

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