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I wonder if any of the persons on the listserv with legal expertise might comment on whether a lawsuit could be filed asking for an injunction against the delta county conservation district, on the grounds that the activities in which it is engaging are not authorized by the state legislation creating conservation districts . . .




craig harris

department of sociology

michigan state university



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Here is a sad note for the weekend.  The anti DNR, anti DEQ, and anti-Granhom "Sportsmen for Bush" Republicans have found their Rush Limbaugh voice through the Outspoken Sportsman and Delta County Conservation District.  So are we suppose to guess who Mr. Anonymous really is in their forum?  Could it be VanWoerkom, Hoekstra, DeVos, or spokespersons within their networks?


The Outspoken Sportsman | hosted by Bill Moore


If you visit the above sites, remember that the above links are not representative of the thousands of dedicated outdoor hunt/fishers and district conservation organization members that work hard with the DNR & DEQ to preserve and restore the environment.

Tom Hamilton

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