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Re: E-M:/ Nature Conservancy and Meijer Relaunch Partnership

I hope you are not suggesting that just because Meijers has removed some invasive species from its inventory and is allowing the Nature Conservancy to suggest some "native plants" to be BE SOLD AT A PROFIT, that it somehow makes up for the land they have decimated, and the local shop keepers they have put out of business.  Because of this faux environmental effort we should smile and take our paychecks there?  I think I have seen some programs right on this list that offer workshops on native species, and they probably have lists of locally owned nurseries that carry those same products.  Why not put the buck there and let people go there in "a earth-friendly information in a fun and informative way," ? 
With "green" being the  new cool , its wise to use our personal green after checking out how "green" something is first.
Use your precious dollars wisely and speak out.  That is how things will change. If NO one shopped at Meijers, then perhaps the developers would have moved along and allowed locals a chance to develop a more sustainable community. Perhaps residents of the town of Acme, would agree?
Meijer uses their dollars to get what they want, isnt it time we did the same?

"Meijer's Secret Plan

Retailer funded strategy to recall elected officials


TRAVERSE CITY -- Retail giant Meijer secretly funded a plan to orchestrate last February's recall of Acme Township's elected officials, a potential violation of state campaign finance laws."

In a message dated 4/19/2008 3:41:49 PM Eastern Daylight Time, charles.cubbage@comcast.net writes:
It is wise to collaborate on issues where progress can be made.  To not recognize the wisdom of this is to assure enemies remain so.  Agree to move forward on issues where one can.  That does not mean you cannot be critical and take appropriate action on issues on which you do not agree.  Having said that, also recognize that timing of both is important. 

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