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E-M:/ Restoring the Clean Water Act

Clean Water Action's Darrell Gerber and Cyndi Roper write in today's Detroit Free Press:

Restore full strength to federal Clean Water Act

By Darrell Gerber and Cyndi Roper
With Earth Day tomorrow and climate change, global warming solutions and their impacts on America's waters as backdrop, Congress took a serious look last week at our pre-eminent water quality law: the Clean Water Act.
The critical question before Congress goes directly to the question: What do we mean when we say we want to keep all of our nation's water clean?  Some would like to allow pollution to be dumped directly into all but the largest bodies of water. This means going against basic knowledge of how water -- and pollution -- moves through streams, wetlands, lakes and rivers. It also means going against what we know about the important roles that healthy streams, wetlands, lakes and rivers play to help prevent flooding, filter pollutants and protect against drought.


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