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E-M:/ Trust the Corp of Engineers?

Editorial: Dredging delays hurt

by The Saginaw News
Monday April 21, 2008, 8:37 AM

Would you believe the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers if it said a $5 million clay pit on the Bay-Saginaw county line could safely contain contaminated Saginaw River dredgings?
The state Department of Environmental Quality doesn't. It says the pit needs a slurry wall to keep toxic runoff out of the river.

So let's see. Here you have the 208-year-old Army Corps that built and operates the U.S. Military Academy at West Point. It mapped America's frontier and built fortifications on our coastlines. It has surveyed canals, navigation channels and roadways. It got rid of water hazards, built piers, jetties and lighthouses, as well as monuments and other buildings in Washington, D.C.
The Corps helped win World War II with the military facilities it built here and overseas. It has managed construction projects for NASA, the U.S. Postal Service and our allies. It played a big role in the post-9/11 recovery and is doing reconstruction work in Iraq and Afghanistan. It's our nation's main flood control agency, a big hydroelectric energy provider and the leading federal agency in environmental preservation and restoration.


This is the slurry pit being built on the floodplain of the Saginaw River. The river with the highest concentrations of dioxin in the nation ....and the Saginaw News trusts the Army Corp of Engineers ( Katrina   ring a bell?) is competent to decide the site will safely contain sediments. The Corp contends they do not a NPDES and the site does not need a slurry wall. They have yet to provide MDEQ with an operational managment plan and Saginaw County pulled the groundwater permits. The site was never evaluated with an EIS . This site is slurry pit deserving of every negative image your mind can conjur up. It is owned by the taxpayers of Saginaw County and sits in the middle of the Crow Island Game preserve next to the Saginaw River and a stones throw from some resident's homes. Oh, and the county doesn't have the money to test those residents well. But three cheers for the Corp of Engineers!

Michelle Hurd Riddick
Lone Tree Council