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Re: E-M:/ More from BANCO on Jean Klock Park and Rev. Pinkney

The Michigan Supreme Court should definitely investigate Judge Alfred Butzbaugh.  If these charges are true, the Supreme Court should remove Judge Butzbaugh from the bench...and possibly have HIM spend some time in jail.

The Jean Klock Park fiasco is a violation of the public trust of the highest order.  Shame on Governor Granholm.  Shame on the Department of Natural Resources.  Shame on the Michigan Natural Resources Trust Fund board.  Shame on the Michigan Department of Environmental Quality.  (But have they no shame?)

Perhaps only federal oversight will be our saving grace for this irreplaceable Lake Michigan shoreline park...unless corrupt political influence enters into their decision as well.  It reminds me of a paraphrased Will Rogers' _expression_:  we have the best government that money can buy.

Jack Smiley

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Subject: E-M:/ More from BANCO on Jean Klock Park and Rev. Pinkney

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Is Jennifer Granholm's backing of Whirlpool Corporation's 
attempt to expropriate the Jean Klock Park against the interests of  
impoverished black residents of Benton Harbor going to 
be her "macaca moment".....[remember ex-senator George Allen of 
Virginia].....that she will have to face in all future political career 

Will Michigan's environmental and civil rights movements finally realize that 
Reverend Pinkney is Michigan's first "environmental justice political 
prisoner" at the Berrien County jail being oppressed by 
a local judge with conflicting interests seeking to overturn 
community self-determination efforts by Pinkney and others?

Will Michigan Democrats ever realize that Reverend Pinkney's corporate-backed
prosecution is just another corporate/republican party attempt at oppression 
of local political activists involved in elections out of Karl Rove's playbook
[remember all of the U.S. Attorneys who were axed because they 
wouldn't initiate phony "voter fraud" prosecutions]?

Will you permanently stop buying Whirlpool products (see brand list below) 
because of the
this company's Harbor Shores development attack on the public's Jean Klock park
on Lake Michigan?

Alex Sagady

(BANCO) - Benton Harbor, MI

From: "Gordon Matthews" <gormatthews@gmail.com>
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Subject: Berrien County Judge is Harbor Shores Developer

please forward widely

Berrien County Judge is Harbor Shores Developer

Judge Alfred Butzbaugh is in violation of his judicial personal code of ethics.  
Butzbaugh is president and co-owner of Ship Street Realty in St. Joseph, 
Michigan.  Ship Street RE is doing all of the development for Harbor Shores.  
This presents an enormous conflict of interests for the judge who not only 
presided over the case against Harbor Shores whistleblower Rev. Pinkney on 
numerous occasions, but has heard other cases involving HS.  For more 
information on his activities go to 


Thursday, April 17, 2008
Jailed Benton Harbor activist's notes were illegally seized, lawyer charges 

A lawyer for an imprisoned Benton Harbor community activist, the Rev. Edward 
Pinkney, claims the Berrien County sheriff authorized a raid of Pinkney's jail 
cell last month, confiscated his legal notes and sent copies of them to the 
judge scheduled to hear his probation violation case.  
Full article and photo:  <http://www.michiganmessenger.com/showDiary.do?diaryId=1132>http://www.michiganmessenger.com/showDiary.do?diaryId=1132

Question:  Where is Gov. Granholm in all of this?


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