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Re: E-M:/ Jean Klock Park, Rev. Pinkney,‏ Judge Butzbaugh

On Apr 22, 2008, at 12:24 PM, James Lang wrote:

The place to complain about the judge is the Judicial Tenure Commission.  -- J. Lang 

The website is at http://jtc.courts.mi.gov/

Try this:

How to File a Grievance

Anyone may file a request for investigation (or “grievance”) against a state judge, magistrate, or referee on the Commission’s complaint form.  A copy of the Request for Investigation form can be requested by telephone at (313) 875-5110, or can be downloaded by clicking here.  (Note: You will need Adobe Acrobat Reader to open the downloaded file. To get Acrobat Reader, click here.)

The court rules require that the person filing the grievance (“the grievant”) have his or her signature verified (i.e.,notarized) to establish that he or she has sworn to the truthfulness of the statements made in the grievance.  The Request for Investigation may include copies of any relevant documents or transcripts.  Because of the requirements of an original signature and verification by a notary public, Requests for Investigation cannot be accepted electronically or by facsimile.  Therefore, Requests for Investigation and any accompanying documents MUST be sent to:


SUITE 8-450

DETROIT, MI   48202

The Commission may also institute an investigation on its own, or at the request of the Chief Justice of the Michigan Supreme Court or the State Court Administrator.  The Commission may also consider complaints made anonymously (if submitted in writing), and it may open a file into matters it learns of in other ways, such as news articles or information received in the course of a Commission investigation.

After a request for investigation is filed, the Commission and its staff acts as expeditiously as possible yet gives every complaint careful attention.  The Commission determines the scope of the staff’s investigation.  If the Commission needs additional facts or information from the grievant, a member of the staff will contact the grievant.  After the investigation, the grievant will be advised of the Commission’s resolution of the grievance.