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E-M:/ Indians: 'Our water is not for sale'

I saw our Lake Michigan Mother Earth walkers this morning in a White lake area restaurant while having morning coffee.  I'm sorry I did not recognize them as our walkers at the time as I could have said "Miigwetch" from our White River Watershed Partnership and wish them well on their journey.  My wife did catch up with them later, thanked them, and brought their brochure home to me.
Tom Hamilton, V-Chair, WRWP
A group of American Indians that has been walking around most of Lake Michigan this spring to focus public attention on the intrinsic value of water spent Sunday night in Muskegon before continuing its journey this morning.

The sixth annual Mother Earth Water Walk began Saturday in Manistee and continues through May 12, when the walkers are expected to arrive in Hannaville, near Escanaba. A dozen walkers arrived here Sunday evening and spent the night at Love Fellowship Baptist Church, 1404 Eighth.

"The important thing we want to tell people is that our water is not for sale, it's for us to use respectfully," said Josephine Mandamin, an Ojibway Indian from Ontario who co-founded the walk. "It is important to keep our waters clean to ensure the everlasting use for our grandchildren and their grandchildren."

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