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E-M:/ Mother Earth Water Walk Schedule 2008

Thanks to Tom Hamilton for alerting EMers to the Mother Earth Water Walk 2008! The Anishinawbe Grandmothers are walking around Lake Michigan, so will get to Escanaba via Indiana, Illinois and Wisconsin!  Currently, they are headed south along the Lake and there is opportunity in the next few days for Western Michigan folks to walk with them and welcome the Walkers in their communities.  

From their website: "Two Anishinawbe Grandmothers, and a group of Anishinawbe Women and Men have taken action regarding the water issue by walking the perimeter of the Great Lakes. - Along with a group of Anishinabe-que and supports, they walked around Lake Superior in Spring 2003, around Lake Michigan in 2004, Lake Huron in 2005, Lake Ontario in 2006 and Lake Erie in 2007."

The Grandmothers (and their supporters) are walking around Lake Michigan. Please join them in this critical walk if you can, even for a little. Give what you can. A walk like this takes tremendous resources. These Walkers deserve our support. They are giving precious time from their families to bring awareness to Great Lakes residents that "the water is sacred and is the very life-blood of our Mother the Earth"- that we need to protect it! -  Here is their schedule. There is more information available about this and past Walks on their website: http://motherearthwaterwalk.com/lakeMichigan2.html       Our heartfelt thanks to the Walkers. - Kay Cumbow

April 26 2008 Send Off
Manistee, Michigan
Ludington, Michigan
April 29, 2008 Muskegon, Michigan
April 30, 2008 Holland, Michigan
May 1, 2008 Benton Harbor, Michigan
May 2, 2008 Michigan City, Michigan
May 3/4, 2008 Chicago, Illinois
May 5, 2008 Waukegan, Illinois
May 6, 2008 Milwaukee, Illinois
May 7, 2008 Sheboygan, Wisconsin
May 8/9, 2008 Green Bay, Wisconsin
May 10, 2008 Marinette, Wisconsin
May 11/12, 2008 Escanaba, Michigan
Hannaville, Michigan