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Re: E-M:/ U.S. population to hit 1 billion by 2100

Dear Aaron,
Ever been to India?
In a message dated 4/30/2008 11:11:39 AM Eastern Daylight Time, aaronwissner@yahoo.com writes:
Enviro-Mich message from Aaron Wissner <aaronwissner@yahoo.com>

The USA population will never get close to 1 billion.
Whoever wrote that study clearly didn't understand how
energy, food, and population are related.

We are currently (as most have noticed) on the edge of
the biggest "recession" in recent history, due to a
limitation on global oil exports.  As available
exports begin to decline, the USA is going to be in an
incredibly precarious situation.  We export 2/3 of our
daily petroleum.  All exports could try up in less
than 10 years.  How are we going to transition?

By the year 2010, I would be astonished if the US
population is even a penny over its current level.
More likely than not, it will be significantly lower.

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