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Does Lt. Gov. Cherry have some type of environmental degree?  
DEQ is quite capable of handling this on their own.   Last time Cherry stepped in concerning Dow's dioxin contamination, it only accomplished a lot more delay and shut the public out of any voice on the matter.  These rivers and lakes belong to all of us, not the politicians.
We have the highest levels of Dow dioxin ever recorded in this country in the Saginaw River.  The dredging needs to go into a licensed hazardous waste landfill, not an open pit on the floodplain next to the river.  To think it might not even have a water discharge permit should be a crime.  Are local officials purposely trying to destroy Lake Huron for 100 jobs?  It seems that way.
Note to Cherry;  Let the DEQ do their job for a change.
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Subject: E-M:/ TWP want meeting with the LG

Saginaw dredging update: Township officials concerned over Lt. Gov. Cherry's role in spoils project
Jeff Kart- Bay City Times
April 29 2008
A solution may have been reached on a dredging spoils site for the Upper Saginaw River.

Lt. Gov. John Cherry met Monday afternoon with officials from the state Department of Environmental Quality and U.S. Army Corps of Engineers.
Meanwhile, officials from Frankenlust and Zilwaukee townships, where the slurry pit has been built, have sent letters to Cherry, questioning why he's stepped into the fray.
Hilda Dijak, Frankenlust Township supervisor, said in an e-mail to Cherry that she believes he's meeting with the Corps "to put political pressure on an environmental issue," adding "What happens to the checks and balances when the politicians take charge of everything if it doesn't go their way?"
Zilwaukee Clerk Patricia Bradt asked in a letter to Cherry that no decisions be made until a meeting is held with residents in both townships.
You can read Zilwaukee Twp Clerk's letter to the Lieutenant Governor at the link below. Mrs. Bradt was on the receiving end of SLAPP suit by Saginaw County's Public Work's Director for daring to attend a meeting taking place between the Corp and County in the makeshift office/trailer on site. It should come as no surprise that not one elected official came to her defense even though this slurry pit was imposed on her township. Dioxin laden sediments are slated for this site.
Michelle Hurd Riddick
Lone Tree Council

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