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E-M:/ Unwanted snakehead invades Arkansas - Potential Great Lakes problem

Sorry to say this bad news could lead to another serious potential Great Lakes problem.  The snakeheads are 'not' an answer to Mississippi River Asian carp control, just a compound problem of exotics.
The northern snakehead, an aggressive fish native to Asia, has been found in Lee County and could colonize the lower White River basin.
“This is some of the worst news we could get as fisheries biologists,” said Mark Oliver, assistant chief of fisheries for the Arkansas Game and Fish Commission. “We can see looking in their stomachs that they’ll eat everything that’s out there. They’re eating crayfish and bream, and they’ll kill fish just because of the competition factor. From the White River, they have access to much of the state.” Lee Holt, district fisheries biologist for the AGFC in Brinkley, confirmed a breeding population of northern snakeheads April 28 in a drainage ditch in Lee County. Oliver said a farmer found the first one about a week ago on the ground near a drainage ditch. Since then, he said AGFC personnel also found adult snakeheads, including three that measured 20 inches, 17 inches and 14 inches long, respectively.
“Unfortunately, all these creeks are way out of their normal borders,” Oliver said. “Once they’re out in the streams, there’s no way to do anything about them. The water’s too cool to rotenone them, and there’s too many places for us to miss them.”

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