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Date: Sun, 4 May 2008 20:40:23 EDT
Subject: Jean Klock Park Update and Action Alert!
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Some of you are on the <http://www.savejeanklockpark.org>www.savejeanklockpark.org mailing list so you may receive a duplicate copy of this update and action alert. Others are not yet on the list so I am sending this from my personal email. I ask that you copy and paste the action alert into a new email and exclude my contact information when sending this information on to others. 
Thanks everyone.
Dear Friends,
The 30 day comment and review period for the conversion and mitigation proposal for Jean Klock Park has been extended until May 17, 2008! 
Many letters were submitted to the city and the Department of Natural Resources requesting at least an additional 60 days. We donâ??t feel that a 14 day extension was enough due to the highly technical nature of the documents but we will have to consider it better than nothing. 
Members of our group are still scouring the documents that are available for public review and continue to discover new red flags a month after reading the conversion proposal. We are asking those who have not yet commented to take advantage of the extension and send in your comments! Please refer back to the conversion proposal at:
Also, on that page is a link to a very important video of comments that were delivered at the April 17th public hearing by Hugh McDiarmid from the Michigan Environmental Council. Mr. McDiarmid also wrote an op-ed for the Michigan messenger which also can be found at the link above. 
In 1998 the City of Benton Harbor illegally sold a portion of Jean Klock Park for four private residential properties at the north end of the park that is now called Marram Shores. 
LuAnne Kozma, Michigan Director for the park advocacy organization Defense of Place, made the discovery while reviewing several conflicting maps of the parkâ??s boundaries which led to the discovery of this illegal sale. 
This land was included in the parkâ??s boundaries when the city applied for and received grants for park improvements which required that the property remain parkland. 
Present and former residents of the city sent a letter to the National Park Service and Department of Natural Resources demanding that land be mitigated for this illegal conversion BEFORE any further discussion on the Harbor Shores conversion proposal. 
The link to the Defense of Place press release in regards to this issue can be found on the headlines scetion on the home page at:
You should also visit the â??News and Notesâ?? page to review the numerous news articles, including the May 4, 2008 article that was published by the Washington Post, that have recently been published. 
The news of this issue has been out there nationwide for quite some time. Finally, national news publications are covering it! We hope that you will add your comment in the areas provided of the various publications that are reporting on the taking of Jean Klock Parkâ??s public land for a privately owned commercial enterprise. 
Your voices are invaluable in this critical process and we urge you to join us by taking action and speaking out in support of the preservation of Jean Klock Park and itâ??s globally rare natural resources! 
We thank you for your continuing support and ask that you forward this to others who are concerned about the proposal to use Jean Klock Parkâ??s globally rare natural resources for a golf course development. 
Friends of Jean Klock Park
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