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Michigan Messenger
Stupak links firing of EPA official to suppressed Great Lakes report

by: Eartha Jane Melzer

Tuesday (05/06) at 10:31 AM

The firing of EPA regional administrator Mary Gade "opens a new chapter" in the investigation of the suppression of a government report on pollution and health, Democratic Rep. Bart Stupak told the Michigan Messenger today.

To add insult to injury, a 750 MW Dynegy/LS coal plant is planned to be built on the Tittabawassee River in Midland just upstream of Superfund cleanup sites. This and the Saginaw rivers have some of the highest concentration on dioxin ever found in the US. This plant will dump millions of gallons of waste water daily into the Tittabawassee River about 20 to 25 degrees higher than normal river water. It has not been assessed if the higher water temperatures from this plant will cause further release of dioxin and other pollutants stored in the river.
It is good for Rep. Stupak to investigate the report suppression. It seems too many think dioxin is a food additive. 
Take care,  frank

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