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E-M:/ Small fire ignites at Fermi 1

To have this reactor shut down is a good thing....although, it appears we are not quite done with it yet. - It has been forty - two years since this reactor experienced a meltdown, and it is still problematic. - Read on. -Kay Cumbow

Thanks to Michael Keegan for sending this on.

Small fire ignites at Fermi 1

[Monroe Evening News]
by Charles Slat , last modified May 21. 2008 11:19AM

Snip: "A small flash fire broke out in the basement of the old Fermi 1 nuclear power plant Tuesday afternoon while radioactive and highly reactive liquid sodium that once had been used to cool the plant was being removed from old pipes. There was little damage and no one was injured...."

Snip: "The fire might have released a small amount of radiation, but the utility said it was confident it was contained..."
Snip: "Liquid sodium will burn in air and explode when in contact with water. The sodium from the old Fermi plant still has residual radioactivity..."