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Re: E-M:/ Shocking Vote on Great Lakes Waters

Linda and others,

International water interests are using the Farm Bureau as their cover with state lawmakers. The proposed legislation in the House has essentially exempted agricultural operations from permitting and yet the Farm Bureau is carrying the water for those seeking to exploit and export our treasured streams, rivers and groundwater. During the floor debate yesterday private water interests stepped aside and let the Farm Bureau do their bidding outside the House chamber. Unfortunately, lawmakers are falling for their arguments ... or, more likely, their checks.

Fortunately, we still have a fighting chance to make sure the House gets it right. Four bills were voted out yesterday and the three remaining bills will likely be taken up next week.

Now is the time to inundate lawmaker offices demanding they fight for our water and stand up to the corporate interests wishing to seize control of our water. House members must support the remaining three bills pending before the House.


Cyndi Roper, Michigan Director
Clean Water Action
1200 Michigan Ave.
East Lansing, MI  48823
Office: 517.203.0754

Linda Cree wrote:
What is going on?  This vote is a cave-in to corporations hoping to privatize and withdraw waters from the Great Lakes Basin, not a protection.  -- Linda Cree, Michigan's U.P.
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From: Dan Farough, Progress Michigan <progress@...>
Date: May 19, 2008 2:54 PM
Subject: Got Water? Keep our Great Lakes from going down the drain
*The time to stand up for Michigan's waters is now*. The State Senate
narrowly passed legislation that would allow up to 25% of some of our
precious lakes and rivers to be open for withdrawal! Yes, you heard
right, up to 25% of some of our best waterways.

If that wasn't bad enough, the Senate allowed provisions that
public control over our water. Without strong laws that support
control of the Great Lakes, our state is vulnerable to corporations
special interests that seek to export and misuse our water.

The State House can fix this, but they need to hear from you, not just
corporate special interests. Take action now -

*Tell your State Representative to reject the Senate proposal (SB 860)
Instead they should pass tough new laws that protect our Great Lakes
inland waters for generations to come by strengthening public
control. Tell
them to reject a special interest driven proposal that would allow up
to 25%
of some of Michigan's water to be open for withdrawal.

Time is of the essence. Please take action now by going to

Send the message to the State House that Michigan Water is *NOT FOR


Dan Farough

Executive Director,

Progress Michigan

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