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E-M:/ Saginaw River One of a kind pit!



In a conversation with the Corp of Engineers, Eartha Melzer of Michigan Messenger (link below) reports the slurry pit disposal system on the Saginaw River is the only one of its kind in Michigan. How’s that folks. Low tech, low cost designed slurry pit based on report paid for by Dow Chemical that says a slurry wall to contain dioxin is not needed. Sediments from the very river where last year the highest levels of dioxin were discovered are going to be slurried into an open pit  with known sand fissures.


There is no operational management plan to date but the Corp by all indications want to put the "worst" sediments in the bottom of the pit. Closer to the sand seams, I guess.


Documents are up on the Dredge It Right web site.



 From Michigan Messenger:


Corps' spokeswoman Lynn Duerod said that the corps will now put out an open bid to dredging companies in the area. She said that the corps does not know how much dioxin is in the soil.

"They are testing it before they dredge it," she said. "Once they finish testing, it may require some special handling. There won't be a slurry wall, but they can put plant material in there and it will grow, or they will put the worst stuff on the bottom."


No matter how contaminated the soil is, Duerod said, the Corps of Engineers is confident it can be safely contained in the earthen pit -- the only such pit disposal system in Michigan


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Lone Tree Council
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