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E-M:/ MUCC Chief Raises Money for Justice Taylor

Why is Dennis Muchmore supporting the most anti-environmental judge in Michigan? 

The most anti-conservation, anti-environment Supreme Court Justice, Clifford Taylor, has not only been endorsed by the Michigan United Conservation Club's president, Dennis Muchmore, MUCC's CEO is a member of Taylor's Host Committee at a $3,400 per couple fundraiser next week.  This is the same Chief Justice Taylor who  last August sided with the Nestle Corporation and against the Michigan Constitution and struck down citizen standing to sue polluters for violating environmental laws.  Through a series of rulings the Supreme Court's 'gang of four' has eviscerated the Michigan Environmental Protection Act, limiting the scope of the law in sand and rock mining cases brought by citizens. Taylor is the most radical, right-wing chief justice leading the most anti-environment supreme court in Michigan history.

So what is MUCC's CEO doing raising big bucks for Taylor?  Why not ask Muchmore....dennis_muchmore@yahoo.com

Please join us for a special Reception with


Chief Justice Cliff Taylor,

Michigan Supreme Court

and Special Guest Steve Forbes

Friday, May 30, 2008

William and Cherilyn Deary residence

1907 Grovedale Avenue

Jackson, Michigan

4:00 p.m.  Roundtable with photo

5:00 p.m.  Reception and Program

R.S.V.P. by contacting Cathy @ 248-366-4276 Fax to 248-363-9954. Email: cathy@dgmanage.com

Host Committee

Dennis Muchmore

Hon. John J. Schwarz

Mike Shirkey

Hon. Tim Walberg

John Waldron

Ric Walton

Hank Zavislak

This November the future of the Michigan Supreme Court will be at stake.  Michigan voters will be given a simple but serious choice:  preserve what The Wall Street Journal calls "the best Supreme Court in America" by re-electing Chief Justice Cliff Taylor...or return Michigan to an unsavory era of Jackpot Justice and a frightening lottery of lawsuit abuse by electing a friend of the personal injury lawyers.

Michigan has the best Supreme Court in America because we have four of the best Justices in America - Taylor, Markman, Young and Corrigan.  Chief Justice Taylor is a leader of this esteemed majority, and his uncompromising ethics, judicial temperament and unwavering respect for the rule of law have earned him praise from legal scholars around the country. 

Chief Justice Taylor has never wavered in his mission to do what is right and just.  His unwillingness to make judicial decisions based on what is politically correct or popular has, at times, earned him the scorn of newspaper editorials and the ridicule of partisan lawyers and the intellectual elites. Still, he has soldiered on with steadfast courage and determination to stand by the Constitution and to defend freedom.

Take a stand for justice and truth.  Cliff Taylor is a judge we can all be proud of.  His record is worth fighting for. 

Committee to Re-elect Chief Justice Cliff Taylor Reply

I/we will join you for the following:

__ $3,400 per couple for the roundtable with Chief Justice Cliff Taylor and special guest Steve Forbes.  __ # of people. Includes photo and reception.

__ $500 per person for Reception with Chief Justice Cliff Taylor and special guest Steve Forbes.  __ # of people.

__ I/we are not able to attend.  However, I/we would like to support Chief Justice Taylor with a contribution of $______.

Please make check(s) payable to:

"Committee to Re-elect Justice Clifford Taylor"

300 N 5th Avenue, Suite 250

Ann Arbor, MI 48104