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Re: E-M:/ MUCC Chief Raises Money for Justice Taylor

A number of people have responded to my post about Dennis Muchmore asking where I got the information on him being a big donor to Justice Taylor.  I received the invitation to a $3,400 a couple fundraiser from Taylor (I am a Republican so figure I must be on their lists) and copied it in my original post. I also copied the invite again at the end of this post along with a bunch of other information that should open some eyes.

I got so many responses about Muchmore that I Googled him with Nestle and voila! answers came forth.  As you can see below Muchmore is not only MUCC director he's a lobbyist whose wife is Nestle's PR person.  What is totally outrageous is that MUCC is an affiliate of  the National Wildlife Federation which sued to prevent destructive mining in Michigan and that suit led to Taylor and his anti-conservationists 'gang of four' to rule against NWF and destroy the Michigan Environmental Protection Act. Is that a conflict for MUCC and Muchmore?

Also, if you google Muchmore you will see he has give $750 to the Farm Credit Council PAC, which promotes those big industrial farms that are polluting our water in Michigan.  He has also given money to Joe Knollenberg, who has the worst record in congress from Michigan on environment votes.  Is that a conflict for MUCC and Muchmore?

So I ask again, why is Dennis Muchmore supporting the anti-environment Clifford Taylor?  Only now thanks to the internet I have the answer: money.  His wife's a PR flack for Nestle making big bucks, MUCC sides with Nestle on water diversions under Muchmore's leadership, Muchmore gives money to Justice Taylor's campaign--the same justice that has ruled in favor of Nestle and against the environment and National Wildlife Federation.

No conflict of interest?  Read below and weep fellow conservationists.  Maybe it's time to start a real Michigan Conservationists group.

It is no secret that MUCC Director Dennis Muchmore's wife (Debra Muchmore) is none other than the famous well paid spokesperson working for the Nestle Ice Mountain Company. MUCC says that is not conflict of interest, but then the Muchmore family is still building wealth supporting the 'free taking' of Michigan "Public Trust" ground waters

Nestle spokeswoman Deb Muchmore said Luttenton's claim was "generally accurate."
Muchmore said Nestle is trying to develop more pumping sites -- near the White River and other trout streams -- so its Ice Mountain bottling operation doesn't place too much strain on the natural resources at any one site.

But she acknowledged that construction of a second bottled water plant, whether it's built in Evart or Indiana, would enable the company to double production of Ice Mountain spring water.

"We felt the evidence clearly showed there was no adverse environmental harm occurring," said Nestle spokeswoman Deborah Muchmore.

Please join us for a special Reception with


Chief Justice Cliff Taylor,

Michigan Supreme Court

and Special Guest Steve Forbes

Friday, May 30, 2008

William and Cherilyn Deary residence

1907 Grovedale Avenue

Jackson, Michigan

4:00 p.m.  Roundtable with photo

5:00 p.m.  Reception and Program

R.S.V.P. by contacting Cathy @ 248-366-4276 Fax to 248-363-9954. Email: cathy@dgmanage.com

Honorary Committee

Attorney General Michael A. Cox

Ambassador Ronald Weiser

Host Committee

Bishop Ira Combs

William Deary

Joe Dunnigan, Jr.

Lloyd Ganton

Dan Heyns

Phillip Hoffman

Kirk Mercer

Robert Michaels

David Mikelonis

Dennis Muchmore

Hon. John J. Schwarz

Mike Shirkey

Hon. Tim Walberg

John Waldron

Ric Walton

Hank Zavislak

This November the future of the Michigan Supreme Court will be at stake.  Michigan voters will be given a simple but serious choice:  preserve what The Wall Street Journal calls "the best Supreme Court in America" by re-electing Chief Justice Cliff Taylor...or return Michigan to an unsavory era of Jackpot Justice and a frightening lottery of lawsuit abuse by electing a friend of the personal injury lawyers.

Michigan has the best Supreme Court in America because we have four of the best Justices in America - Taylor, Markman, Young and Corrigan.  Chief Justice Taylor is a leader of this esteemed majority, and his uncompromising ethics, judicial temperament and unwavering respect for the rule of law have earned him praise from legal scholars around the country. 

Chief Justice Taylor has never wavered in his mission to do what is right and just.  His unwillingness to make judicial decisions based on what is politically correct or popular has, at times, earned him the scorn of newspaper editorials and the ridicule of partisan lawyers and the intellectual elites. Still, he has soldiered on with steadfast courage and determination to stand by the Constitution and to defend freedom.

Take a stand for justice and truth.  Cliff Taylor is a judge we can all be proud of.  His record is worth fighting for. 

Committee to Re-elect Chief Justice Cliff Taylor Reply

I/we will join you for the following:

__ $3,400 per couple for the roundtable with Chief Justice Cliff Taylor and special guest Steve Forbes.  __ # of people. Includes photo and reception.

__ $500 per person for Reception with Chief Justice Cliff Taylor and special guest Steve Forbes.  __ # of people.

__ I/we are not able to attend.  However, I/we would like to support Chief Justice Taylor with a contribution of $______.

Please make check(s) payable to:

"Committee to Re-elect Justice Clifford Taylor"

300 N 5th Avenue, Suite 250

Ann Arbor, MI 48104

Michigan campaign finance law requires candidate committees to report the name and mailing address for all contributors; and the occupation, employer, and principal business address for each individual who contributes in aggregate of $100 or more per election cycle.

On Fri, May 23, 2008 at 11:51 PM, <HAMILTREEF@aol.com> wrote:
Why is Dennis Muchmore supporting the most anti-environmental judge in Michigan?
Dennis Muchmore's MUCC is under firm control of the anti-environmental right-wing "Sportsmen for Bush" Republicans.  They hired him for his lobby expertise.  The anti-environmental members of MUCC are supporting the anti-environmental judge as necessary to violate the "Public Trust" of Michigan ground waters, which undermines the Great Lakes Compact, and in the future the Republicans can then divert the Great Lakes to the SW states and world wide for the highest corporate profits, screw Michigan's ground waters and Great Lakes.   Michigan needs a strong law on commercial water withdrawals 

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