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E-M:/ Nestle wants to cross streams & wetlands, no mitigation proposed


From the DEQ Calendar:  The DEQ Calendar for May 26, 2008, is now available on the DEQ Web site at http://www.michigan.gov/deqcalendar.


June 3, 2008,   6pm


PUBLIC HEARING ON PERMIT APPLICATION SUBMITTED BY NESTLE WATERS OF NORTH AMERICA, INC., STANWOOD, MICHIGAN. The Land and Water Management Division will hold a public hearing at the Evart Middle School Auditorium, 321 North Hemlock, Evart, Michigan. The hearing will be for Permit Application Number 08-67-0003-P, submitted by Nestle Waters of North America, Inc., Attn: Greg Fox and Brent Clay, 19275 Eight Mile Road, Stanwood, Michigan 49346. The applicant proposes to cross several wetlands and associated streams with water pipelines and associated communication conduit. A total of approximately 16,000 linear feet of 5 inch diameter pipeline will connect the White Cedar Osceola well into their existing water loading station in Evart. Mitigation is not proposed. Information Contact: Susan Conradson, Land and Water Management Division, 231-775-3960, extension 6363.




~Rita Jack



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