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Re: E-M:/ High dioxin levels in homes

I love your balls comment. Right now, Michigan is in a politically precarious place I think. It could become a red state. The unions are shriveling and it's many socially conservative folks might not see a need for Democratic alliances once the MI car plants go kaput. Sad to say, but the "auto industry" is what many people in Michigan revolve around.
The "chemical industry" is the other one people rally around - "jobs, jobs, jobs" but who cares about anything else? I left Michigan because of it's backwards attitude towards anything "left coast" or even east coast for that matter. The midwest always gets the new ideas last from the coasts - fashion, technology, environment - everything fliters down to the middle from the coasts.
Not that everything here on the west coast is perfect - there are racial tensions brewing now that it's ok to say things out loud about white people that aren't ok to say about black and brown people. There are angry, rebelious, passive aggressive "minorities" testing the waters of San Francisco and Oakland and blathering on and on about what the "white man did to them" while the white progressives in Berkeley look down at the ground like cowards and don't remind the name callers there are no jim crow laws anymore and to focus on themselves and not try to "fit in" and match the social/media model of white people and to build their own communities independently of popular norms. So it's not all sun and fun here.
But I think what will have to happen in MI is a serious public education/awareness campaign that basically says "look, mother GM and daddy dupont aren't God anymore. lets do what we should have done and clean this place up, create green jobs and start THINKING and stop FOLLOWING like the mindless assembly plant drones we were trained to be".
Until that happens, people will just feel hopeless and dependent on "the plant" until everything is truly gone and then some policical/religious shyster will swoop down from Amway and promise them "if you allow radical conservatism to control you like bondage gear and electric nipple clamps for shock control discipline, I'll give you all the jobs and ice cream you can eat". And, like good subservients, they will vote accordingly because they have never been taught to think - like a girl who goes from her fathers house to her husbands house and doens't know anything more than "tradition" Michigan plant workers need to wake up and quit hoping that daddy will take care of them. Daddy left them a long time ago for his mistress in Mexico.
Mike Cohn

On Wed, May 28, 2008 at 9:47 PM, The Henry's <gehenry@chartermi.net> wrote:
"One sample of household dust had dioxin levels of 3,000 parts per trillion, three times more than the federal cleanup standard. Levels in the yards were as high as 23,000 parts per trillion and averaged 2,000 parts per trillion".
(Michigan 'safe" residential contact, again, is 90 ppt.)
"Some of the homes involved were part of the previous scouring efforts, said Robert McCann, spokesman for the Michigan Department of Environmental Quality. "That obviously wasn't enough to take care of the problem."
I'd sure like to know when this state is going to grow some balls to actually protect it's residents and the Great Lakes.
Kathy Henry

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Dow Chemical ordered to clean up area in Michigan near its headquarters

High levels of dioxin found

By Michael Hawthorne | Tribune reporter
4:52 PM CDT, May 28, 2008
Federal officials Wednesday ordered Dow Chemical to clean up high levels of dioxin recently discovered in homes and yards in a Saginaw, Mich., neighborhood downstream from the company's world headquarters.
The new order is a result of aggressive action taken against Dow by the EPA's former top official in the Midwest, Mary Gade, who told the Tribune last month that the Bush administration forced her out as head of the agency's Chicago-based office over heated disputes between the chemical company and environmental regulators.
Michelle Hurd Riddick
2421 Kipling
Saginaw, MI 48602

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