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E-M:/ States stake claim to Great Lakes

The Michigan Republicans are still confident they can force their GL diversion loopholes in place.  As a two front attack they are also working hard to retain their corruption majority in the Michigan state supreme court to help them expand the loopholes in the future.  It was the Republican controlled court that violated the "Public Trust" to privatize public ground waters for their corporate campaign contributors.
Wisconsin joins pact to limit access to water; Michigan, Ohio and Pennsylvania remain
The new oil
States, cities and countries have been arguing over water rights for decades, but the fights -- often called water wars -- have taken on a heightened sense of national and international urgency in light of prolonged droughts, mounting evidence of climate change and, closer to home, declining lake levels. The drought-stricken Spanish port of Barcelona, for instance, is now shipping in drinking water from large tankers.

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