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E-M:/ "Our Land, Our Stories" Environmental Writing and Communication Conference June 11 & 12 at

Full Program: http://www.greenartsproject.org/conferences/images/our_land_our_stories.pdf
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Connecting People and Places | June 11
Land conservation is more than a set of technical and legal tools used to restrict land use. At its best, land conservation inspires a deeper and healthier connection to the land and honors the diversity and complexity of our culture and history. With Peter Forbes from the Center for Whole Communities, learn about the new best practices of land conservation that listen to our stories, inspire social change, and redefine conservation success.

Edition Green: The Power of Story | June 12
Edition Green is a biennial conference exploring the many ways to tell stories about ourselves and our land, water and air. Conservationists, advocates, activists, journalists, writers and artists will all learn something more about their chosen craft and come away with tools to inspire others with their vision and message.

Peter Forbes is a writer, photographer, farmer and conservationist. A student of the relationship between land and people, he's worked throughout the world to record and protect our human relationships with the land. Peter's life-long pursuit is to be a witness and storyteller of the bond between people and the land, and to translate what he has learned into a new form of leadership. Peter is recognized across North America for building bridges between sectors, coalitions and organizations and for nurturing a new land movement integrating land health, social justice, and human spirit.
Peter co-founded Center for Whole Communities after eighteen years leading conservation projects for the Trust for Public Land. Peter helped to protect threatened portions of Thoreau's Walden Woods; he launched a program to protect and revitalize urban gardens and farms across New England; he helped to add 20,000 acres of wild lands to New Hampshire's White Mountain National Forest. Through the success of more than one hundred conservation projects, Peter earned a national reputation as being a champion of a new brand of community-based conservation where the health of the people and the health of the land are viewed as equal.

On June 11 and 12 , Peter will visit the campus of UM-Flint for the Our Land, Our Stories Conference:

June 11           Connecting People and Places         9:00 a.m.-Noon (with and optional field trip to Almar Orchard in the afternoon)

Be Inspired…Peter Forbes will share what it means to be a whole community and what we can do to work toward such a goal.  He will share the whole community vision of a world in which people, land, and community interact in way that creates health and vitality for all.  Whole Community Thinking is based on the following practices:

·       Justice and Fairness

·       Relationships Between Land and People

·       Community-Building

·       Healthy Ecosystems

·       Healthy Habitats for People

·       Stewardship

·       Economic Vitality

·       Community Resilience

·       The Power of Story

·       Being In Service


Learn how conservation success is being redefined by the stories of people and inspired social change.


June 12           Edition Green: The Power of Story              With sessions and activities from 8:30 a.m. to 8:30 p.m.

Be Creative…Learn how writers, artists, journalists, activists, and conservationists can utilize their chosen craft to advocate and inspire. This conference features an impressive list of faculty members, writers, leaders, journalists, and activists including:


Peter Forbes, Executive Director of the Center for Whole Communities

Jack Kay, Interim Chancellor, UM-Flint

Gary Ewell, Emmy Award-Winning Photographer

Alison Swan, Award-Winning Michigan Essayist

Terry Wooten, Celebrated Michigan Poet Bard

Dennis Pace, Pace and Partners of Lansing

John Bebow, Executive Director of The Center for Michigan and former reporter for The Chicago Tribune

Mike Lewis, Assistant Professor of Communication and Visual Arts, UM-Flint

Julielyn Gibbons, Online Campaign  Coordinator, Progress Michigan

Tina Lam Environmental Journalist, The Detroit Free Press

Liz Shaw, Environmental Journalist, The Flint Journal

Jeff Alexander, Environmental Journalist, The Muskegon Chronicle

Jan Worth-Nelson, Lecturer, English Department, UM-Flint

David Holtz, Director of Communications for Clean Water Action

Kelly Quinn, Assistant Professor of American Studies, Miami University

Katherine Alaimo, Assistant Professor of Community Nutrition, MSU

Brent Nickola, UM-Flint Staff Member and Local Artist and Activist


For a complete list of workshop sessions or for more details, contact Sherry Hayden 767-1455 or shayden@umflint.edu


Conference Sponsors/Collaborators Include:

The Ruth Mott Foundation                                                     

Six Rivers Regional Land Conservancy

UM-Flint (College of Arts and Sciences, University Outreach-CAER, Green Arts, and Greenlinks)