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E-M:/ water use - thermal impacts - fish kills

Yes, 70% of the water use is for cooling. The intake water use causes massive fish kills known as impingement - fish that get stuck on the screens and entrainment - fish(usually larval) that go through the screens.  Here in the western basin of Lake Erie - the warmest and shallowest are of the Great Lakes - 3 billion gallons of water are used on average each day.  The warm water keeps much of the shoreline of Maumee Bay from freezing in the winter.  Millions of fish are impinged every year and billions entrained impacting the fish food chains and the overall fish populations.  The power companies do not report the fish kills on any regular basis and there are no limits on the kills and there is no mitigation.
The only place in the Great Lakes that has addressed this issue is Ludington - why has the fish kill issue been ignored at the other power plants.
Sandy Bihn
Western Lake Erie WATERKEEPER Association, Toledo Lighthouse Society President
Great Lakes Shallowest, Warmest, 'Fishiest' Waters

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