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E-M:/ RE: Native plants clean up Dioxin-- note change of thread

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[Whitman's response] Well folks, I'm expect there are people subscribing to
this list who know more about this than I. Here is an Abstract from 'Current
Opinion in Microbiology' from 2004 that presents the scenario quite
succinctly. And what it comes down to is this [even more succinctly]: Plant
native plants, give them compost to help establish the microbiota, and leave
them there for a LONG time.

Current Opinion in Microbiology
Volume 7, Issue 3, June 2004, Pages 239-244
Copyright C 2004 Elsevier Ltd. All rights reserved. 
The tritrophic trinity: a source of pollutant-degrading enzymes and its
implications for phytoremediation 
Andrew C Singer, Ian P Thompson and Mark J Bailey
Centre for Ecology & Hydrology - Oxford, Mansfield Road, Oxford, OX1 3SR,
United Kingdom
Barring bioavailability and nutritional limitations, virtually all organic
anthropogenic chemicals can be naturally biodegraded. It is to this
phenomenon we owe thanks to the long established 'tritrophic trinity' of
microbe-plant-insect interactions. Over hundreds of millennia these
organisms have coevolved, producing hundreds of thousands of different
chemicals that are used to attract, defend, antagonize, monitor and
misdirect one another. In comparison, the numbers of truly novel chemicals
of anthropogenic origin are negligible. It is only now that we are beginning
to appreciate the fortuitous evolution of xenobiotic-degrading enzymes from
these interactions. We argue that success in phytoremediation can be
hastened through understanding the structure, sources, uses and targets of
these secondary metabolites. Owing to recent developments in molecular
biology, particularly stable isotope probing, we eagerly anticipate highly
significant insights into trophic interactions, particularly in the
rhizosphere, providing phytoremediation with a solid mechanistic

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