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Re: E-M:/ NEWS RELEASE: MUCC launches online petition to expand Bottle Bill, ...

At the fall meeting of the Michigan Charter Boat Association, Ramada Inn, Ludington Michigan, Republican Sen Gerry VanWoerkom and Dennis Muchmore stood side by side at the front forum table when I asked them both at the same time about supporting a future bottle bill expansion to include the large Great Lakes 5.7G diversion bottles.  They looked at each other and both spoke at the same time "Absolutely Not!".  It was very clear their #1 priority was to protect Nestle Ice Mountain profits not support any complete bottle bill.  Also, when it was VanWoerkom's turn to speak, he just used the charter boat annual meeting for his anti-Granholm tour blaming Governor Granholm for all the charterboat problems.
WEST MICHIGAN -- The campaign to put a 10-cent deposit on bottled water and other noncarbonated beverages in Michigan is gaining momentum, but a local lawmaker said it will likely be a long and difficult struggle.

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