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Re: E-M:/ NEWS RELEASE: MUCC launches online petition to expand Bottle Bill,...

In a message dated 6/24/2008 12:24:21 P.M. Eastern Daylight Time, Craig.Harris@ssc.msu.edu writes:
discarding of large water bottles is much of a problem
The idea is to receive the money for 'all' the water bottles if they are returned or not.  The unclaimed deposits go to the state or recycling centers where ever in the future.  Nestle knows exactly how many large 5.7G bottle and 1-G jug containers leave the property line on the way to market.  The big bottle container customers can pay their deposits as orders are processed.  If the Great Lakes water diversion containers are not returned from the other states, Michigan got the deposit money, and the other states can deal with 'their' large bottle trash.  Legislation can be written to collect the deposits any number of ways to cover the exporting of water containers.  The state legislative corporate whores are making sure only small bottle Michigan citizens suffer to increase their stock profits.  In fact, the dime deposits should be proportional to size of container (liters, gallon) on up so the large 5.7G containers should be about $4.50ea.  That amounts to tens of millions of dollars for Michigan!

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