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Re: E-M:/ bottled water for disaster victims

Enviro-Mich message from Nikki <elansingcwa@cleanwater.org>

Bottled water is currently exempt from the same restrictions that are otherwise held for water withdrawals or diversions away from the basin. Legislation was passed in 2006 allowing UNLIMITED quantities to be removed from our ground aquifers and shipped anywhere in the world as long as it is packaged in containers that are 5.7gallons or less (the large office bottles or smaller).

it  should  be  reserved  for  times  of  REAL  HUMANITARIAN  CRISIS
and  NOT  for  round-the-clock  private  profiteering  on a PUBLIC resource


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Doug Welker wrote:
News reports often mention that "bottled water" (or some similar term) is being provided to survivors of such and such a disaster, usually one that contaminates local sources of drinking water.

Does anyone know what types and sizes of containers bottled water is usually distributed in after a disaster?

What is the typically the fate of those containers once the water is used?

If, as some propose, we boycott bottled water, what impact if any might that have on the availability or cost of bottled water for emergencies? Are those interested in boycotting bottle water interested in only boycotting the small water bottles available in grocery stores and vending machines? If so, the campaign should make that clear.


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Never underestimate the power of human greed.

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