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E-M:/ Docu-drama on nuke/toxic transport tonight

Hi folks,

This is well worth watching, as the government would like to ship all high level radioactive waste (irradiated fuel rods) somewhere, either to a centralized waste dump - or, to reprocess - a possibility that is dangerous, contaminates workers hugely, is very expensive, creates more waste, breaks our non-proliferation treaties and has contaminated lands, waters and people wherever it has been used. There is a push in Michigan to send Big Rock Point's irradiated fuel to Yucca Mountain. Barging this irradiated fuel on Lake Michigan is a consideration. This program is also must watching for those of us who live by the Chemical Valleys of the world, or near railways or highways that transport persistent and lethal toxins. -  Kay Cumbow

Following is a message from Judy Triechel

Tonight the History Channel is showing a program called "Mega Disasters:  Glow Train" that talks about serious train accidents that have happened in various parts of the country and it ends with a hypothetical accident in Las Vegas, when a train carrying propane is involved with a train carrying nuclear waste to Yucca Mountain.  They have a person from DOE, one from NRC and the experts who work for the State of Nevada on this issue.  We watched it last night by spending the $2 to get it on i-Tunes so that I would know what I was talking about when I continued to urge people to see it.  This is a DEFINITE MUST SEE.
If you want more information about it, or if you do not have cable and want to get it on your computer, go to:
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Nevada Nuclear Waste Task Force
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