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E-M:/ Kilpatrick announces welcome move toward recycling, away from Detroit incinerator

Press Statement

June 30, 2008





Sandra Turner-Handy: 517-487-9539




Mayor Kilpatrick’s move toward recycling and greener trash disposal is a breath of fresh air

Outdated, expensive incinerator facility should be retired, say environmental and community groups


Detroit Mayor Kwame Kilpatrick’s announcement today that the city will expand recycling and other clean options instead of buying back the polluting, expensive Detroit incinerator is a breath of fresh air, a Lansing-based environmental group said today.


“We’re pleased that Mayor Kilpatrick has decided to protect the citizens of Detroit from excessive disposal fees, and safeguard the city’s children from smog, asthma and the many other ailments that are caused in part by this facility,” said Sandra Turner-Handy, community outreach director with the Michigan Environmental Council “This is a breath of fresh air; literally and figuratively.”


Turner-Handy credited dozens of Detroit’s citizen-based community groups and thousands of Detroit residents who had lobbied, rallied and worked for cleaner, safer options.


“There are dedicated people here who worked for years toward this goal. Hopefully this is the death knell for the incinerator, and the dawn of a new day for recycling and job creation in the city. It’s a great boost for the residents and the city’s image.”