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I agree, Edie!  And while we're at it, why not publicize the monthly Third Thursday Dark Earth Hour, 9-10:00 p.m., when all residents and businesses in Michigan are asked to turn off all unessential electrical appliances, lights, etc. to raise awareness of just what you're talking about.
Linda Cree, Michigan's U.P. 

"Simplify. Simplify." Thoreau

In a message dated 6/30/2008 12:22:24 PM Eastern Daylight Time, eartha.melzer@gmail.com writes:
The Obama energy plan calls for a federal renewable energy standard -- 25 percent of all electricity from renewable sources by 2025.
Even that is pathetic.  1/4 is not a heck of a lot when you really examine the state of the world.  So we will cut 1/4 from renewable resources IN SEVENTEEN YEARS! That's another generation.  Is that really the best we can do?  In the time it takes to raise a child from infancy to adulthood we can only cut 1/4 of the gluttony? If that's our best then we are a sorry lot.
When you read this, get up and go turn something off.  Turn the air conditioning to 78, turn the lights off-its daytime, set your hot water a little less hot, go hit the off switch on your power strips, turn the fridge a little less cold, unplug those Glade air fresheners, turn off the computer and monitor, and turn off everything if you are not in a room. Offices could turn off lights, turn off computers not being used, do the same with the fridge and the air conditioning, shut off areas not being used, put people together to work in groups, etc.  I bet we could all cut 1/4 of the power we use right this moment, today, without much trouble if we tried.

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