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E-M:/ DNR Investigates Fish Kill on Pigeon River

I haven't seen this posted yet, so my apologies if I missed it. This sediment discharge from a private dam resulted in a major fish kill on the Pigeon River and is of great concern to our members.

DNR Investigates Fish Kill on Pigeon River

Contact:  Bob Gwizdz 517-373-3542
Agency: Natural Resources

June 26, 2008

A discharge from a private dam on the Pigeon River near Vanderbilt was responsible for a potentially significant fish kill downstream, Department of Natural Resources fisheries officials said today.

The discharge, which began Sunday night, flushed sediment from above the dam that is located on the property of Song of the Morning Ranch near Sturgeon Valley Road in Otsego County. The fish were killed either by the sediment or thermal shock, said DNR fisheries biologist Dave Borgeson.


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