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RE: E-M:/ Clean Water Action endorses Patrick Lindemann for Ingham County Drain Commissioner

I have great respect for the contributions to water quality protection that you have provided throughout your career however, I have to disagree with you concerning your recent submittal to Enviro-Mich.  
The survey to which you refer did not survey the Ingham County Drain Commissioner's customers.  It was a survey of the regulated community. 
I live in Ingham County and I benefit from the many wonderful projects that Drain Commissioner Lindemann initiates after being petitioned and then paid for by the good people of Ingham County.  I am Pat's constituent as are my neighbors.  We were not surveyed. 
If I were to be surveyed I would give Ingham County Drain Commissioner Pat Lindemann a very high approval rating.  Considering how Drain Commissioner Lindemann continues to win elections by considerable margins I would have to say that the Drain Commissioner's constituency also gives him a very high approval ratings.
The survey was akin to asking the fox what he thought about how Farmer Brown guards his hen house.  If the fox can't get to the hens then his approval rating of Farmer Brown will be very low. 
Pat Lindemann serves the people of Ingham County not just the developers of Ingham County.  The people are his clients, the developers are among his regulated community.
I don't know much about Gary Marx.  His credentials seem impressive, though other than amassing a stack of degrees I'm not sure what he has accomplished in his career.  His campaign literature spends more time attacking Drain Commissioner Lindemann rather than enlightening me about any past accomplishments that may have benefited the good people of Michigan.  I do know that the campaign literature that I have received provides disinformation and promotes unnecessary scare tactics.  His literature is based on negative campaining.
I suggest you come to Ingham County and compare the water quality of our many and varied water bodies compared to the quality they were before Pat Lindemann became our Drain Commissioner.  When I was an environmental consultant eight years ago I had the opportunity to measure water quality parameters and I found many of the projects that Drain Commissioner Lindemann has put into place with the petition and payment of his constituents have greatly improved dissolved oxygen, reduced phosphorous, and have trapped oils and grease and metals which otherwise would have polluted our Grand River, Red Cedar River, Sycamore Creek and other critically important local waterways.
I remain open minded, so please share with us what sound environmental protection experience of Dr. Marx.  What has he done in his career to improve water quality, stormwater management, soil erosion control for the People of Michigan.  Why doesn't he stand on those accomplishments rather than wade in the mire of negative campaigning?
Looking forward to your response.
Your friend and past colleague, Erich Ditschman

Derek Stratelak <dstratelak@comcast.net> wrote:
For those of you who are interested in the truth about Lindemann's opponent, Gary Marx worked for the MDNR and MDEQ for 22 years, 10 as an environmental enforcement specialist (prosecuting cases like the one against Lindemann) and 12 as the local district supervisor in charge of administering the state's wetlands and lakes and streams programs.  For the last 7 years he's been a private consultant, helping people to comply with these state laws.  He holds a Ph.D. in frestwater ecology from MSU, an MS in Natural Resources Administration from U of M, and a BS from MSU in fisheries and wildlife.
Yet, it seems that Clean Water Action has bought Pat's line of hogwash that he's somehow a pawn of the "developers" that he so likes to demonize.  Gary Marx has spent his entire career protecting the environment, and that would certainly be his top priority as drain commissioner.
If you want to add to the list of reasons Lindemann should be replaced, consider these:
It is clear to me that it's time for a new drain commissioner in Ingham County.  Judging by Lindemann's pothetic record compaired against the well rounded and sound environmental protection experience of Dr. Marx, The choice is clear!
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Disputed episode?  Have you come here to look at Cedar Lake?  There is no disputing the damage he has caused it.  Yet this makes his endorsement "well deserved" in your mind?  And how was the endorsement made?  Did they interview all of the candidates?  It would seem pretty questionable judgement to make an endorsement without doing so.
I don't know all of Pat Lindemann's history, but even if the rest of his career was a good one, and did protect the environment (though based on some of the emails I've been getting from people since my earlier note, I question whether that is the case), a group called Clean Water Action should just ignore the fact that he is destroying the quality of a lake and refuses to fix it? 

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It may not be outrageous, but it's certainly unfair to attack Pat Lindemann for one disputed episode in a long career of strong leadership on clean water issues. Pat is one of a handful of drain commissioners in Michigan who understands that the job is about more than draining wetlands and facilitating development. He's pioneered the use of the powers of his office to reduce stormwater runoff and soil erosion, to restore wetlands, protect fish, beautify wetlands and to promote something resembling natural hydrology in Ingham County. The endorsement is well deserved. Typically, those who run against Pat are associates of developers and other interests that would like to remove him and return to business as usual -- destroying habitat and externalizing pollution costs.

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Subject: Re: E-M:/ Clean Water Action endorses Patrick Lindemann for Ingham County Drain Commissioner
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I have never taken the time to post on this listserv before, but this is simply outrageous.  Patrick Lindemann is being sued by the state Department of Environmental Quality and the people of Delhi Township for polluting Cedar Lake here in my community, and yet here is Clean Water Action endorsing his actions.  Thanks to his "walking the walk in protecting our waters" (as this press release so artfully says), Cedar Lake has gone from being crystal clear to a complete mess in no time at all.  Yet instead of fixing the problem he caused, he makes our community and the state environmental agency go to court to try to stop him (and we the people have to pay for that court battle of course), and now gets rewarded by Clean Water Action in the process.
Can I ask WHY Clean Water Action is choosing to "endorse" him?  My understanding is Clean Water Action is a statewide organization, yet I don't see press releases going out endorsing any other drain commissioner races, or any other office for that matter.  Is there some other motivation here? 
If this is the kind of "clean water" that this organization advocates for, then I, and I would hope anyone that actually cares about our environment, want nothing to do with them.  Absolutely disgraceful.
Does anyone know who is running against Mr. Lindemann?  They'll surely be getting my vote.

Erich Ditschman
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