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Re: E-M:/ Clean Water Action endorses Patrick Lindemann for Ingham County Drain Commissioner

Thanks for joining the conversation:>)  Since you have not posted before, it would be helpful to me if you would identify your background and what your relationship is with the project for which you express concern, especially in light of your serious concern about someone who has done some very responsible environmental work and has a reputation for being environmentally "friendly".   
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Sent: Friday, July 18, 2008 2:19 PM
Subject: Re: E-M:/ Clean Water Action endorses Patrick Lindemann for Ingham County Drain Commissioner

I have never taken the time to post on this listserv before, but this is simply outrageous.  Patrick Lindemann is being sued by the state Department of Environmental Quality and the people of Delhi Township for polluting Cedar Lake here in my community, and yet here is Clean Water Action endorsing his actions.  Thanks to his "walking the walk in protecting our waters" (as this press release so artfully says), Cedar Lake has gone from being crystal clear to a complete mess in no time at all.  Yet instead of fixing the problem he caused, he makes our community and the state environmental agency go to court to try to stop him (and we the people have to pay for that court battle of course), and now gets rewarded by Clean Water Action in the process.
Can I ask WHY Clean Water Action is choosing to "endorse" him?  My understanding is Clean Water Action is a statewide organization, yet I don't see press releases going out endorsing any other drain commissioner races, or any other office for that matter.  Is there some other motivation here? 
If this is the kind of "clean water" that this organization advocates for, then I, and I would hope anyone that actually cares about our environment, want nothing to do with them.  Absolutely disgraceful.
Does anyone know who is running against Mr. Lindemann?  They'll surely be getting my vote.