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E-M:/ MDEQ gets cleanup on Mecosta tire dump

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July 21, 2008

Contact:  Robert McCann
                (517) 241-7397

Combined Effort Leads to Completion of Scrap Tire Cleanup in Mecosta

The Department of Environmental Quality announced today that over 1.3
million scrap tires have been removed from an illegal disposal site
located within the village of Barryton, Mecosta County that posed a fire
and environmental hazard to Barryton and the adjacent Chippewa River. 
DEQ staff worked closely with Village President Richard Collins to clean
up this large scrap tire pile and remove the potential threat to the
environment and public health.

Runoff from scrap tire fires can contaminate surface water and
groundwater, and scrap tire sites are an ideal habitat for the breeding
of mosquitoes carrying disease such as the West Nile Virus.

This site was a source of concern for Barryton as the operator
continued to stockpile additional scrap tires instead of recycling and
marketing them as initially proposed.  Mecosta County acquired title to
the property through tax reversion in 2006 and immediately took
responsibility for the scrap tire cleanup through the DEQâ??s Scrap Tire
Cleanup Grant Program.  Entech, Inc., a scrap tire processor located in
White Pigeon, was hired by Mecosta County and as of June 2008,
completely removed all of the scrap tires from the site.

The DEQâ??s Scrap Tire Program is charged with the responsibility of
ensuring the proper disposal of all scrap tires generated in the state
and the cleanup of existing scrap tire piles in amounts of 500 or more. 
Program staff regularly inspects scrap tire collection sites,
processors, end-users, and generators, which include tire dealers and
auto scrap yards.  The DEQâ??s Scrap Tire Program is funded by a $1.50
vehicle title certificate fee collected by the Secretary of State.

For additional information about the DEQâ??s Scrap Tire Program, please
visit http://www.michigan.gov/deq (click on â??Wasteâ?? and then
â??Scrap Tiresâ??).  For more information about this Mecosta County
cleanup site, please contact John Fischer of the DEQâ??s Waste and
Hazardous Materials Division in the Grand Rapids District Office at
(616) 356 0231.


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